Our Vision

Our vision is for all father's to live out God's definition of "father".  We present God's definition of "father" and "Man" based on scripture and it is our goal that all men develop a relationship with Jesus Christ, live their lives according to the instructions and examples given to us in the Bible, and ultimately start and raise their families in accordance with the biblical teachings.

Our Story

Everyday we do our best.  We try to figure out and do what we think is correct.  You've been created to be able to do that.  The problem is that most of us will fail because we are not relying on God.  We don't know what his holy word says about being a man or father.  Once we gain that knowledge we will be set up for success in pleasing God and raising our families.

Meet the Team

It's a small team at the moment.  Lord willing it will grow but for now it's just me.


Jonathan Fluck

Founder & CEO

That's me, Jon.  I started this site for everyone you see in the picture.  God got me to a point in life where I began asking "What does the Bible say about..."  Then one day it dawned on me, maybe I could help other men answer that question.

"What does the Bible say about being a godly man, a husband, a father?"

It has a lot to say and I can't wait to share what I know and learn from you as well!

Get Started

Thanks for reading about us.  We hope that you keep reading and learning about being a biblical father.  Our FAQ page is a great place to get started!  Get quick answers to some of the most common questions.